foldable uav / target drone
Hydraulic Pneumatic System
Rail Length: 10 Meters
Operating Pressure: 100-120 Bar
Drone / Uav Mass Tow: 50kgs
Maximum Launch Velocity: 23m/s
Two Separate Hydraulic Power Unit For Adjust Angle And Launch Accumulator Unit


Width: 2,010mm
Height: 1,900mm
Weight: 1,500kgs
Rail Length: 10m
Operating Pressure: 100-120Bar
Max Takeoff Weight: 60kgs
Launch Velocity: 23m/s
Power: 24V Battery
Two seperate Hydraulic power unit for adjust angle and launch. One accumulator tank.
Four Support Manual Jack, Foldable for Store and Transport, Operate by 1 Remote Control Panel, Dummy Weight for Test Launch.