PST F-84G Thunder Jet is a 1/5.6 Scale ARF jet designed for 25-35 lbs thrust turbine. Our Top Gun competition model uses the J1300R (28 lbs thrust) turbine which proves to be a great combination.

The model is highly prefabricated to minimize construction and ease of equipment installation. The wings and flight control surfaces are manufactured with vacuum sandwich technology. We use aircraft grade light weight balsa insert which laminates for strong surface skin with an exceptional structure strength.

Performance is predictable and as expected from an early jet-powered aircraft era. The PST F-84G can do all the maneuvers that its full sized counterpart can do and more. Full thrust for high speed performance and reduced thrust for scale like maneuvers. With large wings and tip tanks, the F-84G's stall characteristic is predictable and stall is gentle benefiting from the built-in wing tip wash-out.

The PST F-84G is highly scaled with precise panel lines and rivets. So, if you are an experienced jet modeler looking for a sport scale or a serious scale competition project, our F-84G will not let you down.


Sale: 1/5.6
Wing Span: 217 cm (85.4 in)
Fuselage Length: 209 cm (82.2 in)
Dry Takeoff Weight: 16 kgs (35 lbs)
Fuel Tank capacity: 4.2 Liters
Recommended Turbine: J1300R/J1600R
Turbine Range: 25 lbs - 35 lbs thrust
*ARF Kit includes customized 4.2 liter fuel cells and hardware package.